Review: Blind (2020)

Blind Poster

‘Blind’ tells the story of an actress whose latest surgery has left her completely blind, and during her struggle, a maniac starts stalking her.

Review: Cut and Chop (2020)

‘Cut and Chop’ is the story of Tom, an aspiring actor who takes method acting way too seriously.

Here Alone (2016) Review: A decent, yet unrecognized iteration

Here Alone Poster

‘Here Alone’ is the story of a woman who’s trying to survive isolation after a zombie apocalypse takes place, and her family passes away.

Movie review: 1BR (2019)

When Sarah moves to an ideal place in Los Angeles, she realizes things are not exactly what they seem.

Interview: Rob Savage. Director of “Host”

My interview with the director of “Host”, which could easily be the most important horror movie of the year.

[SXSW short film review] Play It Safe (2021)

Play it Safe still

In ‘Play it Safe’, an actor faces a tough decision when receiving an assignment in his latest rehearsal among his peers.

Crítica cine: The Gallows (2015)

Adolescentes deciden ir a la escuela en el medio de la noche a destruir un escenario para una obra de teatro y el fantasma de alguien que murió ahí los empieza a lastimar.

Especial: El 2018 en cine

Un repaso del 2018 en materia de cine.