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In the tradition of beach summer movies, ‘Hot Water’ tells the story of a cocky jet ski rider in the most important tournament of his life.

Directed by: Larry Rippenkroeger.

Starring: Vanessa Angel, Trevor Donovan, Nikki Leigh, Max Adler, Michael Papajohn, Jim Klock, Glenn McCuen, Stormi Henley, Yves Bright, Chris Gann, Michelle Rose, Jesse Pruett, Ted Larkin, Brian Combs.

Country: United States.

Genre: Comedy, action.

Running time: 100 minutes.

Let’s be clear: I saw Hot Water in a very specific moment that these movies have to be seen in. It was a sunny Saturday morning and it’s either funny movies or cartoons. Deciding upon Hot Water didn’t take much thinking since by just looking at the poster, you know what kind of film it is. I had a good time with it; these movies are made for fun and even though I don’t think I fit with its target audience, I laughed a lot. As I always say, sometimes that’s just enough for me.

In my foray into the world of indie darlings, sometimes standards have to be lowered, and with Hot Water I found a case of a sports movie that’s not trying to be more than just a fun beach summer flick.

Hot Water was made by Larry Rippenkroeger, the famous stunt double who injured himself in a Bruce Willis film that’s so bad, it’s not worth mentioning. But Rippenkroeger is also a jet ski champion who wrote a movie when saw himself forced to be in a bed while recovering. Hot Water is that movie. An amateur yet well shot adventure about a kid learning an important lesson, and a blonde infested movie with lots of wide shots in beaches.

As I said, a Saturday morning movie.

The same story we’ve seen before

In Hot Water, Billy has a dream of becoming a professional jet skier. His relationship with his dad is absolutely broken after a hilarious accident involving one of dad’s precious toys. A towing man called Danny sees an opportunity in Billy and his frustrated career and he decides to act. He convinces Billy’s dad to let him train the kid alongside a retired jet ski guru, Jarid Harper. When the three of them form a team, and they see potential in Billy, the tournament starts.

Harper revisits demons from his past, while Billy must get over the amateurish aspect of his riding. Danny decides to be the funny sidekick. Hot Water is a fun and quick adventure you didn’t know you could watch and have a great time with. Obviously, this will all lead to a final race that’s sure to give you chills.

As Rocky did with boxing, and as The Sandlot did with baseball, Hot Water will at least make you google about riding a jet ski. What a blast!

Why not “a family adventure?

Most of the movie takes place on the road, with our team having fun and getting in trouble. That is to say, it’s pretty harmless, save for some scenes that will make you frown. All in all, Hot Water could be enjoyed by the whole family and nothing bad would happen. I find it important to say this, since I get this question all the time: Can you mention a movie that I can see with my whole family? My answer is none. Someone will always complain. But Hot Water is fine and decent enough. And those race scenes, wow!


Don’t you just love beach summer movies?

Trying to surpass its style would be futile. Hot Water is not a mess of gigantic proportions that will try to change your life. It’s a summer movie with enough beach scenes to make you want to go to the beach and look for jet ski lessons. It’s full of beautiful bodies and faces, energy drinks, and sponsors stickers. But it’s also a well thought comedy, with enough drama to form a likable plot considering its characters. I cheered for Billy at the end. And I was glad the bad guy lost. There’s not much more here. 


Hits Misses
.- The scenes involving jet skis are fantastic.

.- It’s a film that doesn’t try to be more than what it already is. Cheesy when it must be. Raunchy when it needs to be. And it’s serious when… who am I kidding? It’s never serious.

.- If you’re not a fan of blonde infested scenes, then this is not your cup of tea.

.- Some acting classes would have helped.


Rating: 3 out of 4 stars

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