In Action (2021) Review: What to do with an idea?

‘In Action’ tells the story of Sean and Eric, two friends who decide to write a script out of nothing. The problem is the government finds out and believes it’s a real terrorist plot.

Directed by: Sean Kenealy, Eric Silvera.

Starring: Sean Kenealy, Eric Silvera.

Country: United States.

Genre: Comedy, action.

Running time: 79 minutes.


Confidence is underrated.

It takes guts to make a film. Much more if you set off to make a film like In Action, a messy blunder of amateur gimmicks that arises from the conversations between two very creative idiots, and ends being a… comedy?

It’s hard to say what’s the final goal of Sean Kenealy and Eric Silvera, the two guys behind a very unique movie that definitely lighted up my day and left me with a smile. In Action makes you instantly search for that unfinished project and glance at it with nostalgia and endearment. Is this their way of expressing their weird chemistry and knowledge of movies? Is it just an idea that had to be turned into something?

Perhaps we’ll never know. In the meanwhile, we just need to enjoy ourselves by lowering our standards, just not too much.

A conversation turned into a movie

In Action is a film created mainly by two guys. They star in it, as well as write and direct it. This is their baby. The stages are minimal, accomplished in amateur style and functional. It’s the story of how they got together after making amends and starting all over. They hold a failure in their past. As they decide to start writing, a plot is formed.

Suddenly they get kidnapped. Apparently someone in the government found out about their project and suspects it’s a real terrorist plot. Together, they must escape from the hands of mysterious dumb agents. Sometimes following a hunch can be dangerous. Just ask Eric and Sean.

This is all told in flashback as the two guys are telling the story sitting on a couch and addressing the camera directly. A meta signature that’s not very important for the film, but a genre confirmation device altogether (it’s a comedy by all sorts).

There is such a thing as “going too far”

The great dynamics between the two guys is what holds the movie until the end. When the film’s not about two idiots throwing quirky lines at each other, it’s not very interesting. This festival of poop jokes, friendship and creativity goes too far when developing a plot that’s not as interesting as what they are willing to do to stay in the formula they’ve created with their attitudes. The film goes out of line when justifying the situation they’re at. Was it necessary to do the whole “kidnapping” thing?

There’s just one way to start: start writing

This is proof that you can do something. If Eric and Sean gave their best and created a fun time for everyone, then why not do it? After all it’s just a plethora of jokes that go well together and satisfy someone. In Action is a genius collection of talents put to use. There’s regular animation and a sequence made with action figures, there’s blood flying around, and a Hostel joke that made me chuckle.

Could it have been more? Absolutely. But in its own context, In Action is just enough to make me smile at idiocy taken to a next level.

Hits Misses

– At least In Action doesn’t pretend to be more than it is: the product of two guys who planned everything and went for it. It’s the opposite of an ambitious project.

– The plot is actually interesting. Even if it’s a cheap, slapstick opportunity for fun, it’s an engaging story.

– The film lingers too much in characters that en up being worthless.

– It should have always remained in its own context for a better result. Some scenes are simply unnecessary.



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