This is my conversation with Kris Rey, the director of the endearing and powerful “I used to go here”.

Days ago I found myself in front of a very different picture from the one I thought it was.

I used to go here started as a typical comedy, with a silly central character, and lots of possible directions. However, as the movie started developing its own concept, my attention was drawn to the honesty of the adopted style. I frequently google directors for darker genres, but there I was googling “Kris Rey” and wondering how I wasn’t aware of her movies before.

The movie blew me away and completely changed the outcome of a very difficult week, and inmediately I set out to look for a way to talk to Rey. Fortunately after a few tries and schedule changes, I was able to talk to her for a few minutes. Rey’s personality glows. She’s a director with an intelligent sense of a subgenre she feels comfortably in. But make no mistake. Her craft is not simple. Human emotions are complex and we’re almost glad someone behind the camera understands those very well.

This is my conversation with Kris Rey. Please, enjoy!

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