Review: Crossroads of America (2020)

Crossroads of America poster

After a horrible accident she causes leaves her sister paralyzed, Sandy must make amends with her family while confronting an unknown and dark past.

Review: Clay’s Redemption (2020)

Clay's Redemption Poster

‘Clay’s Redemption’ takes us to a neon infested city where Clay will have to seek redemption by defending a girl being targeted by demons.

Review: The Sounding (2020)

The Sounding poster

In ‘The Sounding’, a young man must take care of a mysterious woman who decides to only communicate through Shakespeare quotes and words after a tragedy.

Review: Ice Cream in the Cupboard (2019)

‘Ice Cream in the Cupboard’ is a deeply personal film about a couple struggling with the sudden diagnosis of a disease that completely changes their lives.

Review: Wander (2020)

‘Wander’ tells the story of a tragedy stricken private investigator who goes too deep when probing into a small town murder and the weird events around it.

Review: Flytrap (2016)

In ‘Flytrap’ an English astronomer comes to the USA to teach at UCLA, but on the of day he arrives he becomes part of a bizarre plan lead by a strange group of people.

Review: Tulsa (2020)

‘Tulsa’ tells the story of a broken man who’s about to give up when suddenly he must become a father to a small but spirited girl he didn’t know existed.

Review: Shooting Heroin (2020)

‘Shooting Heroin’ is the legendary story of a town and its members, who decide to act when a opioid epidemic becomes lethally unstoppable.

Review: The Racer (2020)

The Racer poster

In the Tour de France’s infamous Ireland stage in 1998, a struggling cyclist makes his way into the imminent end of his career. ‘The Racer’ is one cool ride.

Review: L’Autre (2020)

‘L’Autre’ tells the story of Marie, a grief stricken woman who decides to isolate herself from the rest of the world when her father suddenly dies, only to find love in the oddest of moments.

Review: Blind (2020)

Blind Poster

‘Blind’ tells the story of an actress whose latest surgery has left her completely blind, and during her struggle, a maniac starts stalking her.

Review: The Ringmaster (2020)

The Ringmaster poster

‘The Ringmaster’ starts as a silly study about a man fascinated with a documentary about food, and ends up being a dark movie about a relentless obsession.