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‘The Glint of Darkness: Revolution’ tells the story of an underworld dominated by clones and super soldiers and the heroes trying to reveal it all.

Directed by: Shaarath Vihari.

Starring: Shaarath Vihari, Saikumar Guttikonda, Brinda Shivram, Arshiya Gul, Sardar Jaswanth Singh Goldy, Clinton Abraham, Chandana Shaarath, Solomon Samuel.

Country: United States, India.

Genre: Thriller, science fiction.

Running time: 51 minutes.

With a running time of only 51 minutes, Shaarath Vihari’s The Glint of Darkness: Revolution is a presentation of a concept that’s nothing short of interesting. Even if the film feels like an outlandish mistake in execution of genre, you have to admit that the story not told is quite interesting. Yes, it isn’t enough to save the film from being amateurish in its style, but perhaps with a little bit of preparation, the result may be different.

We live in this cultural context where making a film is severely hard; often a short must be made first, and “works in progress” are deconstructed by people who frequently know nothing about the story you want to tell. What would have happened if Vihari had more in his hands?

It’s only a mere possibility as his final result falls behind the bar of what’s acceptable in action thrillers. You always have to make me believe in what’s happening. You have to convince me of what you’re saying.

A conspiracy theory becomes real

In The Glint of Darkness: Revolution, some unfortunate people have fallen prey to an underworld. Clones, super soldiers, and a shady organization are producing some sort of technology. When a girl has an encounter with an acquaintance, she becomes part of this struggle to find a hard disk drive that contains super valuable information. People have died trying to protect whatever is inside it. They will both try to get away.

As the night continues, they receive help from a mysterious figure, who’s actually fighting his clones. They only “comply” to a code that sets their minds to eliminate whatever’s in the way.

That’s about it.

Why try to do something so hard to accomplish?

The extremely hard to tell story of The Glint of Darkness: Revolution is there to be exploited. Even if it’s by viewers who can actually become engaged with the film in some way. However, Vihari struggles, suffers for his film. He even stars in it. With a minuscule budget, he does his best and achieves little. It’s kind of ironic since the film’s narrative value seems poignant and important. If only he had stayed in the director’s seat trying to tell his story with a different focus. Instead, he tries to use editing to make fight scenes seem believable. He also attempts to shoot action stunts that seem far too dangerous and honestly, irrelevant to the story.


Discovering potential through narrow channels

Nevertheless, the potential of the young artist is there to be developed. Some guidance is always necessary.

Perhaps, this conceptual story could be further extended in a longer cut. Some edits are also necessary. Before releasing a film, you always must wonder is this will be appreciated by a general audience and not only by those who helped you get there.


Hits Misses
.- The concept that’s thoroughly explained to us through quiet scenes seems really interesting.

.- The use of black and white is a winner. Vihari understands spaces and lighting enough to handle the seldom used format.

.- The film’s action scenes are painful to watch. I believe that if you can’t do something right, you simply shouldn’t do it.

.- Some acting coaching is necessary for everyone participating in the film

.- The running time is simply too short. A backstory was necessary.


Rating: 1.5 out of 4 stars

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